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This Christmas we are supporting the Somerset based mental health charity Mind and taking inspiration from the #OptOutside campaign from Rei to encourage everyone around us to get outside more, helping boost mental health as well as doing something positive for the environment.

Collect natural materials to make decorations

Could you be adding to your growing list of more eco-friendly ways to enjoy Christmas by using natural materials you have foraged to make decorations? I think they look better than a plastic alternative anyway! Win. Win. And triple win if you factor in the walk. Get your steps in as well as doing your bit for the planet.


Beach combing

Okay so I know we don’t all associate going to the beach with Christmas but in the off season, without having to sit like sardines, beaches are arguably even more alluring in their beauty. Wild, deserted and…covered in rubbish…not quite the image I was going for. Sadly, this is too often the case. Why not plan in a visit to a nearby beach (if you’re lucky enough to be that close) to collect rubbish. Take inspiration from the Rei ‘Opt To Act Plan’ and their #optoutside campaign. They’re championing getting outside more and combining that with doing your little bit for the environment. You’d be surprised what you can make from the ‘rubbish’ you collect. Old pieces of rope can be sewn together to create baskets and other things of beauty! Have a look at some of these inspirational creations I found on Pinterest.


Build an elf house

Is there some woodland near you or do you even have a tree with some interesting nooks and crannies in your back garden? Why not seek out and build the perfect hideaway for a Christmas elf. All it takes is the suggestion and those young, creative minds will do the rest. Line a pathway to the ‘front door’ with stones, an archway of twigs and moss to make a cosy bed. Hours of entertainment. Maybe bring a flask of delicious hot chocolate to keep you going.


Go on a walk – build in a present hunt to make things more exciting

In the rush to get to work, drop the children off at school and race around to various activities, simply heading out for walk around where you live slips off the agenda. You’ll get the usual moaning about not wanting to go out and “it’ll be boring” so to tackle that build in a present hunt. If you’re like me and ration presents so they aren’t all opened in one frenzied sitting, you could hold back a few for ‘encouragement’.


Join the conversation

This is merely scratching the surface. Join the conversation online for more ideas and to share some of your own to #getoutside more this Christmas.


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