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The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is currently in the process of talking to leadership figures from across the nation in an attempt to understand this universal trait and what it means today.
Michael Kingscote, our Founder and MD was invited to talk on an episode of their ‘In Conversation’ podcast. Host Scott Challinor posed questions about Michael’s take on leadership, what it means to him, what elements he has transferred from his previous career in the military, the impact that Covid-19 has had and what will be next for Outposts.
Michael talks about leadership being the “ability to inspire people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do of their own volition”.
For him there are four pillars of leadership that have guided him throughout his career, in the military and laterally as a business owner:
  1. High standards
  2. A sense of humour
  3. Humility
  4. Respect for everybody
Key lessons from the early impact of Covid-19 are that patience and consistency have been key to leading his business through extremely testing times.
You can listen to the full interview on YouTube or Spotify.