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Our school team building programmes give young people the opportunity to develop skills essential for working effectively as part of a team. These include empathy, communication, problem-solving and organisation. All done outside of the classroom.


Abseiling sessions take place on natural rock faces. No man-made climbing towers - this is the real deal! The group will be more elated with their achievement as a result.


The aim of our bushcraft activities is to improve communications skills, resilience and environmental awareness through activities such as how to safely build and light a fire using natural materials, constructing a shelter and foraging for food.


This is a high energy activity which builds self-confidence as much as fitness. Students follow the foot of the cliffs, climbing and scrambling over rocks, through gullies and rock pools and jumping into the sea, all supported by our qualified instructors.

High ropes

High ropes can be part of a team building day or residential camp. Students will work together to develop their communication and team work skills, challenging themselves in a safe, managed environment to build trust and resilience.

Sit on tops

Groups will learn basic skills and paddling techniques. We use fun games and challenges to help develop their team working and communication skills whilst all the time building confidence and resilience.

Air rifles

An air rifles session is designed to develop control, precision, responsibility, listening to and following instructions and respect as well as the achievement of learning a new skill.


We operate in naturally occurring caves in Somerset with routes for different ages and abilities. Aimed at developing communication skills, confidence and creating a sense of achievement.

Coracle building

Coracle building is the precursor to raft building for younger groups. Each team gets given equipment to create their own coracle. The aim is to get yours floating and stay floating, so you remain dry.

Mountain bikes

A day of mountain biking can be a team building day or incorporated into a residential camp. Go off road in the Quantocks, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, exploring trails, having fun and taking in the beautiful scenery and stop off for a picnic.

Team tasks

Outposts team tasks for schools aim to develop skills such a communication, confidence, empathy, listening, planning, accountability and teamwork. We encourage participants to consider and reflect upon their behaviour in the group.


Try archery at our permanent outdoor range. It is not just about being able to hit the target but improving confidence, developing responsibility, dexterity, control and precision.


Our outdoor climbing sessions take place at locations in Somerset and Wales. As part of the session, students will develop co-ordination, stamina and determination, whilst learning basic climbing skills and techniques.

First aid

Learn essential lifesaving first aid skills and put what you have learned into practice as you complete a Casualty Evacuation. This exciting team building day is excellent for developing skills including communication, collaboration and problem-solving.

Raft building

Groups use logs, rope and barrels to build their own rafts in teams under the watchful eye of our instructors. The aim is to launch and use them to reach a target location - without getting wet. This proves illusive to many groups and is of course half of the fun.

Year 6 transition

The aim of the Year 6 Transition Day programme is for everyone - staff and students - to get to know one another, helping make a smooth transition to secondary school.


Drop us a line and we’ll work together to produce a bespoke school team building day.