Responsibilities - Outposts

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There are a few things (not many) that we would really appreciate your help with as a group leader on an Outposts trip. If you have any further questions, please do contact us.

Group Leader responsibilities

  • Group Leaders are in loco parentis at all times.
  • Getting students up and ready in the morning to be at the meeting point on time, wearing the appropriate clothing / footwear, with any kit they may have been asked to have with them i.e. water bottle, spare clothes etc.
  • Managing behaviour.
  • Helping pupils get seated at mealtimes and moving between activities.
  • Evenings – at the agreed handover time, group leaders will assume overall responsibility for the students until activities commence the following morning.
  • Outposts staff are on site during overnight camps to be on hand for emergencies. For anything else, group leaders are responsible for students during the night.

First aid

Outposts staff are first aid trained, however we would ask that you appoint a member of staff as the designated first aid contact who should carry information about any medical conditions/requirements. Should any students have prior medical conditions which require medication to be administered, this should be the responsibility of a trained members of school staff.